About Us

We, under the brand name "PCEMTECH" (www.pcemtech.com), are among the manufacturers & project consultants in India who has got such wide variety of machines, which can satisfy all Bulk Handling requirements and Pneumatic conveying system. PCEMTECH Bag slitting machines, Pneumatic Tube System and Industrial Automation are spcialized area of our business operations. Bag slitting machines are one of the rarest breed of machines manufactured by us to handle both powders and solids like Grains, Granules, Gravels and Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) to open bags, empty its contents and exits the empty bags in a dust enclosed system. You will find, not only the broadest product range offered by any one manufacturer but also numerous technical highlights, which open up new dimensions in the industry. The company is well capable to meet the growing demands of Bulk Handling Industries.

Our commitment is is simple WE BULID BETTER Conveying System and the Bulk Handling Equipments, BEST PARTNER OF THE POWDER HANDLING INDUSTRIES, Offering best working solutions. Above all, we always support our customers by word and deed because we attach the same great importance to competent advise, service, care and proximity to the customers. We believe "A Satisfied Customer is Our Best Achievement."

PCEMTECH is a high end technology solution provider for Municipal Plastic Waste (MPW) (mainly made of shopping & packaging bags) and the Paper Mills Plastic Wastes (PMPW). The Catalytic Thermolysis Technology developed by the company to process MPW segregated from MSWand PMPW into Thermofuel oil, an alternative industrial fuel oil similar to Diesel.

The patent pending CT Technology is first of its kind in India, which is a process technology to handle waste plastics into a high value end product, Thermofuel oil.

POGGI GROUP, ITALY since 1945 – Partner for their Indian operation
The core business of the Poggi Group is the design and the construction of vertical and horizontal silos, water clarifiers and aggregate bins in different sizes and kinds for many industry fields. The production also includes metal structures – civil/ industrial metal structures.