Air line injectors improve high pressure dense phase slug flow throughout the convey line.
By improving flow, less source tank pressure and lower material velocities can be used, minimizing degradation of friable and fragile products and also reducing abrasive wearing of the line.
The line injector operates at pressures up to 100 PSIG. Metered volumes are regulated by a patented locking needle type flow adjustment valve complete with adjusting nut and rubber seating boot.
Quick, simple installation and virtually maintenance free.

Controls slug length for smoother dense phase conveying

Well suited for slug conveying of nonporous materials

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard of the industry, available for retrofit in existing dense phase applications

  • Improves slug flow by regulating slug length throughout the convey line

  • Assists in restarting dense phase flow after shut down without convey line clean out

  • Minimizes degradation in friable and fragile products and reduces abrasive wear during product flow

  • Built-in automatic check valve prevents back flow of material into control air

  • Convey line injector intervals designed for your application

  • Virtually maintenance free