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Bag Slitting Machine


Automatic Bag Slitting machine

Automatic Bag Slitter is designed to automatically open bags, empty its contents and compact the empty bags in a dust enclosed system. The Automatic Bag Slitter is a fully enclosed, low profile; compact design incorporates integral, infeed conveyor, waste bag compactor, and vibratory hopper. PCEMTECH can provide Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel 304 contact parts depending on the application or request of the customer.


The Automatic Bag Slitter incorporates the following standard features:

Retractable spikes, thrust into the bag by specially designed torsional springs, ensure that lightweight and inner-lined bags, which tend to ride during the slitting and discharging cycles are securely held in place on the conveyor. Spike conveyor is driven by an independent motor complete with electronic protection against machine overload. A high frequency vibratory collection hopper with screen provides the action required to ensure complete sifting and discharge of product. The slitter is completely isolated from the vibratory hopper through a well engineered damping system.

Slitting action of the blades provide shred-free opening of bags.

Following the slitting and gravity discharge cycle, the product and empty bags are separated and do not come into contact again.

Empty bags are extruded into a dust free plastic waste receiving bag for compaction and disposal.

Explosion proof motors and instrumentation.

Automatic Infeed Belt Conveyor.

Option: Integral dust filter and exhaust fan.


Maximum Bag Size 915mm wide x 1016mm long x 356mm high
Bag Weights 10kgs to 100kgs
Bag Construction All types of bags and sacks, multi-ply paper with plastic or metal foil inner liners, jute/burlap
Material Handled All loose and compacted powder and granular material in paper bags. Coffee beans, peanuts, cocoa beans, etc. in jute/burlap sacks.
Throughput 6-10 bags per minute.
Empty BagsĀ  10-15 bags/foot of disposal waste bag.


1. FEEDINGOperator loads the bags onto the infeed conveyor which conveys the bags to the retractable spike conveyor where the bags are spiked and held in position during the slitting cycle

2. SLITTINGTwo rotary cutting blades automatically adjust to the different bag sizes and neatly slit the bag on the three sides for a thorough gravity discharge of the product.

3. PRODUCT DISCHARGEThe bottom of the bag is firmly held by the spikes and is drawn around and under the spike conveyor in one long sheet. In the process, the bag is turned inside out and the product discharged by gravity.

4. SIFTING AND COMPACTIONAny residue clinging to the bag is removed by a blast of air. Oversized foreign particles are sifted on a fine mesh screen in the collection hopper, which is vibrated at high frequency. Spikes are retracted and the empty bag extruded via the compactor into a dust free, plastic waste receiving bag.