Since inception, PCEMTECH has been engaged in the design and manufacture of fabric filter systems with different configurations, to suit different applications.

This is a part of Pneumatic Conveying System manufactured by PCEMTECH used as a final filter in the system. They are fully automatic, ensure complete dust control and prevent any dust carry over to the environment. These elements can also be used as dust collectors in centralized vacuum cleaning system and in the mixture as a filtering unit.

The filters in the Bag Filter are made available in both Bag and envelope type with vertical and side Bag removal type depending upon the site requirement, like head room etc.

The Filters are used for cleaning small to large quantities of dust-laden air or gas/solids/mixtures to recover the product and keen the exhaust air / gasses clean.

They can be used in industries like chemicals, cement, Minerals, Timber, Detergents, Plastics, Paints, Soaps etc.; our standard design can be used for gas temperatures up to 100 deg Celsius. Special type of filters are also available for gas temperatures up to 400 deg Celsius. Filter housings are designed to withstand 500mm WG vacuum and pressure.

The design provides for very high air/cloth ratios that result in smaller filter areas and relatively lower installation and maintenance work.

Dust emission standards confirm to OSHA requirements.