Big Bag Filling Machine

Bag Filling Machine is easy to operate and comes loaded with a host of user friendly features like programmable set points, dual feed for accurate filling, provision for external start, cumulative batch and quantity totaliser, password lock etc. The PLC controlled Bag Filling Machine is provided with necessary safety interlocks for safe filling of rice, pulses and any free flowing granules or powders into bags for the required capacity.

The machine comes in four variants-Jumbo Bag Filling Machine, Direct Bagging with Sector gate, and Direct Bagging with Screw Feeder for filling powders and Pre-weigh and dump bagging.

Ideally suited for Free flowing Material like Sugar, Pre granules, Fertilizer & Chemical


  • Simple, User friendly.

  • Micro Controller based weighing electronics.

  • Programmable Set Points for coarse, fine feed & in-flight.

  • Provision for external batch start.

  • Cumulative batch and quantity totalizer.