Bin Vent Filter

PCEMTECH Bin vent filters are typically used to control airborne dust particles that build up within a storage tank or weigh hopper due to the pneumatic transport of bulk material. Bin vents filter the displaced air and allow the tank or hopper to breathe.
When material is pneumatically conveyed into a tank or hopper most of the material drops out of suspension and the dust laden excess air is vented through the filter, where airborne dust particles are trapped by the filter bags or cartridges. PCEMTECH offers static and self-cleaning automatic bin vents for the plastics, chemical, detergents, food, pet food, nonwovens and pharmaceutical industries.
PCEMTECH bin vents range from mini filter units with 0.09 m2 of filter cloth area to large automatic bin vent units with a filter cloth area of 40 m2  and hygienic models specially designed for sanitary pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.