De Dusting System

Dedusting – in today’s world environmental protection has become a crucial social issue. It is not just about the corporate image. Dust also affects quality in the manufacturing industry. Dust control reduces wear and increases service life. Increasingly stringent emission control requirements have a major influence on dust control system design and help protect the health of the workforce.

Our round filters, spot filters, filters and dedusting walls for intake hoppers are always custom made on a project-specific basis.

PCEMTECH has acquired proficiency in providing best De-dusting plants for following applications:

  • De-dusting system for Nuisance area dust collection in Cooler de-dusting, Separator dust collection, Crusher, screen, Silo, cement Packing, Clinker Stock pile areas.

  • De-dusting system in Sponge Iron raw material handling & Sponge Iron feeding areas.

  • De-dusting system in Foundry Shake out and sand blasting plants.

  • De-dusting system in Steel Plant in the areas of Raw Material handling, Lime Calcination plants (LCP), Mixer ventilation areas.

  • De-dusting system in Vertical Shaft Lime kiln area.

  • De-dusting system in Ore grinding like Ilmenite, Dead Burnt Magnesite kilns.

  • De-dusting system in a Ferro Alloy plants

  • De-dusting system in Aluminum and Copper refining plants.

  • De-dusting system on a Asphalt Mix Plant.

  • Any special De-dusting system in any kind of industry.