The Dense Flow Vessel is the main component in the PCEMTECH Dense Phase Conveying System.  The Dense Flow Vessel features a unique Charging Hopper and Cone Valve that allows for single valve operation during filling and conveying cycles.  The DF Vessel is designed and manufactured according to A.S.M.E. code for a pressure rating of 135 psig and temperatures up to 350 degrees F.  Adjustable legs on the pressure vessel allow easy access for maintenance or replacement of critical components.


    • Dense Flow Inlet Hopper

    • Dense Flow Cone Valve

    • Adjustable Legs

    • Factory Assembly

    • A.S.M.E Construction

    • Single Charging Valve

    • Custom Configurations

    • Fully Enclosed System


  • Less Valve Wear

  • Less Moving Parts

  • Lower Manintenance Costs

  • Less Installation Time

  • Less Downtime