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Material Handled

Pneumatic Barge Unloader

Pneumatic equipment principle is based on conveying the products thanks to the air which handles them inside the pipes and therefore is behaving as the transport medium.

It means that at the suction nozzle and thanks to the vacuum produced by the turbo blower(s) a certain amount of air will be mixed with the free flowing products. The sufficient air speed in the pipes will maintain the products into the air flow and therefore they will be conveyed in the same way as the air.

In the central part of the equipment at the arrival of the products inside the receiving cyclone or hopper, the air will be sucked upwards into the turbine meanwhile the products will settle down into the hopper bottom or cyclone.

After being conveyed down by an airlock (rotary valve), the products will handle either pneumatically or mechanically to their final destination such as into trucks, railway cars, silos and/or storage warehouses.